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Aanko Technologies Inc. (“Aanko”) is a Minority and Veteran-owned Small Business Enterprise providing safety, security and business continuity solutions since the summer of 1997.

Founder and CEO Steve Longoria, a Certified Counterterrorism Planner, a Certified Homeland Security Professional Level III, and Certified Project Manager, leads Aanko, with over 36 years of experience in leading multidisciplinary planning and implementation teams for government and private sector clients across the world. Mr. Longoria has the distinct honor of being the only person in Department of Defense history to be recognized as the top professional in three different career classifications: Antiterrorism, Security, and Safety.

Aanko’s value proposition helps you create dynamic processes to develop people, concepts and programs in order to achieve your vision.  These lead to human and capital resource performance and productivity enhancements to meet your business objectives.  

The Aanko of “hands-on” professionals have been involved in all aspects of corporate governance development, physical and cyber security risk assessments, business continuity, and emergency management, to maximize client revenue and productivity. Our value proposition helps organizations create dynamic processes to develop people, concepts and programs to achieve their corporate and community vision.  The vision that enables our clients to “Lead The Journey™” at the forefront of their profession.



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