Emergency Management

Aanko EOP Training Project1Aanko assists in designing, developing and implementing emergency management systems, plans and programs that result in meaningful pre-disaster and emergency response actions by community and business personnel.  Comprehensive drills and exercises are also designed and facilitated, as they are the most direct means of assessing client emergency plans and procedures, and demonstrating the readiness of responders.

A client’s involvement in mock emergencies helps clarify roles and resolves questions of coordination. Mock emergencies increase awareness of potential hazards in their organization and validates the results of emergency response training in a controlled environment.  Drills and exercises are an element of training used to measure the effectiveness of learning.  They validate client plans and procedures, and dedication to improving health, safety, security and environmental practices. 

They are designed with a built-in time element, and can be conducted in the same manner, scope and degree of intensity as exercises. Feedback is used to improve training, plans, procedures and processes. Tabletop drills are used to improve emergency response skills, while field exercises assess the effectiveness of emergency response in realistic situations.


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