Information Security

Aanko IT securityCyber Threats
The information infrastructure has become a critical part of the backbone of our economy. Users should be able to rely on the availability of information services and have the confidence that their communications and data are safe from unauthorized access or modification. The advent of electronic commerce and the full realization of Information Society depend on security of the Internet, the corporate network and information database. Attacks against information systems constitute a threat to the achievement of commerce and are a direct source of intelligence gathering by terrorists, criminals and others who wish to do harm.

Network Security
In today’s ever expanding world of technology, network security is paramount. Poor or neglected security infrastructures are costing some companies thousands of dollars a day. It is a fact that as technology evolves and becomes readily available to anyone who knows where to look can attain. Damage to your company can take many forms from industrial espionage to your garden variety hacker. The importance of a strong and well protected network is very quickly becoming a high priority among businesses and organizations around the world. Aanko Technologies Inc. is proud be a leader in this dynamic realm of Cyber-Security.

Security Vulnerability Assessments
Security in technology is no longer a matter of preventing intrusions. Information can in many ways cause a company or organization considerable damage. Even if old rules regarding classification of information are kept, the new concentration and availability of information make it vulnerable.


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