Cyber Threats

The information infrastructure has become a critical part of the backbone of our economy. Users should be able to rely on the availability of information services and have the confidence that their communications and data are safe from unauthorized access or modification. The advent of electronic commerce and the full realization of Information Society depend on security of the Internet, the corporate network and information database. Attacks against information systems constitute a threat to the achievement of commerce and are a direct source of intelligence gathering by terrorists, criminals and others who wish to do harm.

Cyberthreats come in many forms and processes. These include:

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  • Site-paralyzing and visible (sustained attack, usually TCP/IP based, as e.g. DDOS, SYN-flood)
  • Site-disrupting and invisible (only visible to client, e.g. malicious JavaScript change)
  • Network disrupting and visible (traffic-related, effects visible from target and from client))
  • Network disrupting and invisible (e.g.  ARP cache poisoning, DNS attacks, zombie router)
  • Penetrating attack/sleeper (hostile agent in, triggered by a non time-related event)
  • Penetrating attack/time-related (entering host site, operating at a specific time)
  • Infection only (targets are connecting clients)
  • Polymorphic/multiple payload (hostile agent mutates and/or vectors other malicious agents)

To achieve security, your systems must be assessed, analyzed and protected.  Our team of industrial and information security, computer crime, and counterterrorism experts, with over 21 years of cyber threat assessment expertise, can help.

We have Information Technology experts to integrate client safety and security processes for maximum asset protection and value.  This expertise includes Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, Certified Cisco Network Associates, e-commerce/e-business and web development abilities, e-learning development and rollout, and cyber crime identification and protection. Our processes help secure:

  • Internet Access
  • Networks & Remote Access Sites
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Legacy Systems & Databases

As the cost of the information processing falls, more and more organizations will be vulnerable by potential cyber threats.  To continue your revenue generating capacity,don’t become a victim of this destructive act.  Contact the team at Aanko Technologies today.


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