Office of Emergency Services, Solano County CONOPS

Aanko assisted in emergency management for first responders, the county public health system, and the private sector to immediately respond to and recover from biological, radiological and chemical threats. Aanko assisted in a comprehensive county-wide operational assessment of environmental (water/air) and infrastructure threats (healthcare agencies, wastewater treatment plants, dams, bridges, airports and roadways). Aanko facilitated working groups in identification of threats and development of the CONOPS and response protocols. Aanko also identified grant opportunities for equipment procurement, staging, and deployment. Aanko ensured that County plans for Community Emergency Response were compatible with California's Standardized Emergency Management System and Incident Command System (SEMS/ICS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS)). Aanko brought together the local U.S. Air Force Base, Private Sector Health Care, private sector companies, county transit, and county and city first responders to establish and develop mutual support agreements for improved response during disaster situations.