Port and City of Oakland Joint Domain Awareness Center CONOPS

Aanko Full Scale Exercise1Working as a subcontractor to Guidepost Solutions, Aanko developed the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) planning document to set the foundation for two other planning documents developed by Guidepost Solutions to form the design of a Joint Domain Awareness Center (DAC).The DAC is to be used by the Port and City of Oakland in coordination with the Alameda County Sheriff, the Customs and Border Patrol, the US Coast Guard, BART, Union Pacific Railroad, and the FBI for intelligence gathering and crime and disaster response activities. As part of this project Aanko and Guidepost Solutions identified, inventoried and validated all security technologies in use throughout the Port and City of Oakland, including CCTV, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). The DAC documents are classified as Sensitive Security Information (SSI).