Port of Oakland Large Scale Protest Plan and Associated CONOPS

Aanko was selected to coordinate and develop a comprehensive plan for large scale protests, including the activating CONOPS. Aanko provided a Gap Analysis of existing plans and security capabilities. Aanko then identified the needed capacity of regional capital and staff resources to respond and recover from a protest event. Aanko coordinated the involvement of the Alameda County Sheriff, CHP, Caltrans, Bart, the Federal TSA, FBI, CalEMA (OES), the US Coast Guard, the Customs and Border Protection, Oakland Police and Fire Departments, and the City and Port of Oakland and maritime engineers to design traffic routes, temporary access points to the port and contingency procedures for Interstate 880. Aanko built the plan, then worked as Subject Matter Experts in designing and facilitating a Tabletop Exercise to validate the plan and stakeholder resource capabilities. The plan from inception to validated completion (in the form of the tabletop exercise with over 100 stakeholder participants) was completed in less than 60 days. The plan was successfully used during the final Occupy Oakland protest of 2012 which resulted in maintaining secure access of interstate commerce and transportation routes and arrest of over 400 protesters. The plan is classified as Sensitive Security Information (SSI).