 Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) - Emergency Response Plans (ERPs)

Aanko was selected by PG&E to assist in completely rewriting their Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) after the San Bruno Gas Pipeline Disaster. As part of that effort, Aanko:

  • Developed standardized statewide gas and electric Emergency response plans (ERPs) integrating Incident Command Structure (“ICS”) rigor and adherence with online access.
  • Developed Governance Plan to ensure congruent policies, guidance, processes and decision-levels for a given area of responsibility.
  • Integrate PG&E’s existing gas and electric ERP manuals with regulatory requirements for both commodities.
  • Developed process to share the standardized gas and electric ERP statewide with local first responders and external stakeholders.
  • Developed a database with the capability to track ERP training/exercises, activations, and critiques online for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Developed a training and exercise matrix that includes the following:
    • Internal training and exercise requirements for field training, emergency center training and integrated emergency center training.
    • Joint training and exercise sessions with external stakeholders.
    • Standard guide and job aid for conducting emergency drills and exercises.
    • Analyze successful approaches to pipeline ruptures by 1st Responder populous.
    • Developed integrated and standardized ERP training curriculum for internal and external stakeholders that supports adherence to ICS structure. Completed curriculum package included Lesson Plans and Training Aids to complement the instructional content and increase transfer and retention of the learning.
  • Developed organizational framework, to include resource requirements, to support the maintenance of ERP and coordination of integrated training and exercises, with quality controls built into the framework.