State Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Team

Aanko was selected as part of the State Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Team. Aanko is certified as Exercise Directors and Exercise Evaluators under the Department of Homeland Security Office of Domestic Preparedness and are one of a select few contractors nationwide with access to the ODP HSEEP Portal for drill and exercise development.

Aanko assisted the State of California’s Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program during development, implementation and execution of the statewide Golden Guardian Exercise 2005-2012. Aanko assisted in developing Master Scenario Events Lists to establish response protocols for Emergency Management, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Fire, Public Works, Hazardous Materials, Food and Agriculture, Medical Services, Public Information, and Government Administration.

The scope of the exercises, which included table top and full scale exercises purposely necessitated the implementation of the mutual aid system across Northern California and the State OES. Aanko personnel are certified as Homeland Security Exercise Site Controllers and Evaluators, and were the key Controllers and Evaluators working with the state.

Inland and Coastal Region scenarios were developed in order to activate multiple emergency operations centers. The scenarios were widespread as expected outcomes for first responders included victim rescue, triage, treatment and decontamination, hazard identification, site security and crowd control, render-safe procedures on devices and/or weapons, and monitoring for contamination, and contamination control. The scenarios have continued to be expanded to include exposure to chemical agents and the evacuation of populations requiring long-term sheltering.

CalEMA HSEEP Reference