State of California Franchise Tax Board - Emergency Management and Security Training

Aanko Technologies Inc. has provided management consultation for emergency management and security training for emergency first responders at the 2 million square foot facility for the last 11 years.

The training includes immediate response and recovery from biological, radiological and chemical threats, business continuity, emergency planning and employee awareness training. Aanko developed and presented a series of multiple tailored 7-day, 5-day and 2 day emergency management and security management courses for safety, security, human resources and business services employees.

Aanko assistance was essential in conducting a comprehensive facility-wide operational assessment to include environmental (air quality) and infrastructure threats (HVAC & security access). Additionally, Aanko assisted health & safety groups in identification of and response to threats, identification of response areas for staging and deployment, development of engineering controls for outside air isolation, and development of plans to identify and prepare facilities for mass casualty operations for the over 8000 employees.