Contra Costa County Homeland Security Unit, Contra Costa, CA

Working in a Private-Public Partnership with the Contra Costa County Homeland Security Unit under the Sheriff’s Department, Aanko was the technical lead conducting threat assessments for over 50 critical infrastructure sites, including the Port of Richmond, local bridges, refineries, and the BART system infrastructure within the county. Qualitative data was gathered on asset significance, feasibility, threats, countermeasures and vulnerability. The data was then analyzed using quantitative and statistical analysis. This resulted in quantifying assets with existing threats and countermeasures that yielded a probability of asset selection and successful attack by a terrorist organization. The team also quantified triage of all critical assets and provided quantifiable value of recommended countermeasures. The process enabled the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors to validate a risk rank listing of critical infrastructure to prioritize the initiation of security vulnerability assessments countywide by Aanko, in partnership with the county Homeland Security Unit.