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Aanko - What We DoPlanning. Partnering. Performance. The three Ps that define successful alliances to solve complex issues.

To meet the needs of government, industry, corporations and healthcare agencies, Aanko Technologies Inc. (“Aanko”) has assembled a team of unparalleled experts to provide advice, assistance, guidance, and counseling in support of your organizational business productivity initiatives.

Aanko provides a multi-disciplinary approach to safeguard capital and human resource assets against natural, human and technical disaster events. From processes ranging from intelligence gathering and information evaluation, to detailed assessments and risk management, Aanko efficiently and expertly integrates with client senior management and technical staff to evaluate and deploy risk minimization actions.

Aanko Technologies Inc.’s value proposition helps you create dynamic processes to develop people, concepts and programs in order to achieve your vision.  
These lead to human and capital resource performance and productivity enhancements to meet your business objectives. 

We envision obstacles along the path and provide cost-effective solutions to guide your projects to successful completion.

How?  Planning.  Partnering.  Performance.  The three Ps that define successful alliances to solve complex issues. 

This is the central focus of our value proposition, and it starts with PLANNING.


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