Success PyramidBy partnering with Aanko Technologies Inc., your business has access to some of the best security and counterterrorism experts, emergency managers and safety engineers, and cutting-edge information technologies, providing quantifiable returns on your investment from the start.

We believe concepts and technologies implemented without a comprehensive plan is relevant to chaos. Instead, we help identify how strategic safety and security processes enable your existing foundation of human and capital resources to interconnect, interact and integrate to maximize knowledge collection and sharing. To ensure consultation derives the most cost effective, employee-involved benefit for clients, we have identified seven core indicators in our SUCCESS pyramid.

Sustainment is our ability to deliver sustained strategic concepts. These concepts become the foundation blocks for short and long-range plans.

Uniformity is the merging of your key personnel with our “outside” view consultants to form a decision-making team. This ensures all facets of the safety and security environment are identified and analyzed.

Customer Focus is our understanding of core products or services to be delivered. This drives the identification, selection and level of shared risk taken to arrive at the project concept.

Creativity involves team openness, sharing and discussion of innovative ideas. We value each team member’s role in analyzing safety and security data and in creation of ongoing processes.

Empowerment identifies the knowledge each person brings to the team and provides the tools and authority necessary to meet their responsible tasks. This allows everyone to grow and excel while meeting team objectives.

Stability is provided by our client/consultant partnership to mentor, coach and advise teams to support safety and security process improvements for complete organization development.

Strength is gained by sharing knowledge among teams to classify project results, creating a learning organization that turns identified processes into action. Through a safe and secure environment, you can successfully position your organization to effectively lead your competition, while increasing revenue and productivity.

The result of this SUCCESS™ Pyramid is exceptional PERFORMANCE.


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